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Spring has sprung, the grass is riz! Do you wonder where Jack Reacher is? The Midnight Line, last year's Reacher novel which YOU made a #1 bestseller everywhere, is now available in mass-market paperback in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand and on April 24th in the US and Canada. If you had the fortitude to wait for the paperback, now you can discover what some critics think was Reacher's best novel to date. Yippee! A new Reacher edition always puts spring in my step.

Per usual, there will be an excerpt from Past Tense in the US and Canada paperbacks and ebooks, and UK paperbacks in int'l airports and abroad.

In the last newsletter, we promised you a hint about Past Tense: Reacher is traveling south through New England when he sees a sign for the town where his dad was born. Our guy is a curious cat so he changes direction. At the city clerk's office, Reacher is told no one by his name ever lived there. Uh oh. Was his dad lying or... What else could it be?

Past Tense, Reacher novel #23, goes on sale November 5th worldwide wherever English language books are sold. Tour info is not available yet (please don't ask me). All we know so far is Lee will tour Australia and New Zealand in late November. When we confirm all the dates, countries and cities, we'll send you a new Reacher Report.

One more thing - and it's a doozy. Do you think Reacher can carry a tune? Turns out, he can. The American pop/rock duo Naked Blue and Lee Child have recorded an album! Lee wrote the lyrics and Naked Blue wrote the music. Lee plays on a few tracks, too. The songs are about our favorite Mr. Hands-the-Size-of-Supermarket-Chickens. I haven't heard it yet and I cannot wait. Check out Naked Blue's website and, if you're so inclined, you may pre-order either a signed or unsigned CD here: The Jack Reacher Music Project.

Finally, for those of you who inquired about Jack Reacher Custom Coffee in K-cup, you may purchase them now at Baltimore Coffee & Tea. The cups are biodegradable and a great way to introduce your office buddies to the bliss of a highly caffeinated day ala Reacher.

We hope you're enjoying the change of season wherever you are - and happy reading!

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