Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Roundup with PW

Junot Díaz Pens a Trauma Confessional: "I never got any help, any kind of therapy," the author writes of his sexual abuse as a child. "I never told anyone."

The Instagrammable NYRB Library: The NYRB Classics imprint specializes in reissuing volumes that have been neglected—and the books have become design objects as well.

Nobel Prize Shakeup Becomes a Crisis: "The institution is in ruins," a local culture editor said of the allegations and subsequent resignations that have rocked the Swedish Academy.

Asian Authors Sweep YA, Part One: A number of East Asian-American authors are making a splash in the YA space with highly original and culturally specific fiction.

Asian Authors Sweep YA, Part Two: The "new voices of South Asian young adult literature" discuss writing about cultural identity without getting pigeonholed.


How Trump Shook Up the Book Biz: America’s literary bubble is rethinking its identity, writes Lakshmi Varanasi for 'Politico,' as Trump voters become more central to public discourse.

Nobel Drama Leaves Sweden's King 'Sad': The resignation of three members of the body that awards the Nobel Literature Prize is "a sad development," Carl XVI Gustav says.

Waterstones Sale Expected This Month: The sale of Waterstones to hedge fund Elliott Advisors is likely to close at the end of this month, 'The Bookseller' reports.

Romance Fiction's Diversity Problem: The Romance Writers Association issued a statement last week criticizing their own history of excluding black authors from RITA prizes.

A 'Recipe' to Fix the System: To change racial disparity in food culture, let’s start with cookbooks, author Julia Turshen writes.


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