Sunday, December 10, 2017

Lit Hub Weekly

Lit Hub Weekly
December 4 - 8, 2017

TODAY:  In 1595, Shakespeare's Richard II is possibly acted at a private performance at the Canon Row house of Sir Edward Hoby, with Sir Robert Cecil attending.
·         “It all boils down to this: America values women less than men.” Gillian Flynn on our society’s endemic sexism. | TIME
·         “Good writing and good reading will break down barriers. We may even find a new idea, a great humane vision, around which to rally.” Kazuo Ishiguro calls for cultural and generic diversity in his Nobel lecture. | Nobel Prize
·         Lorin Stein has resigned from his roleas the editor of The Paris Review amid an investigation into his inappropriate conduct with female writers and employees. | The New York Times
·         “I am really good at missing deadlines. My secret to this is overcommitting to projects because of a profound inability to say no.” Roxane Gay on how she works. | Lifehacker
·         Emma Cline has filed a countersuit against a former boyfriend who alleged that she had plagiarized his work—and whose lawyer included her private sexual activity in a public court filing, seemingly to shame her into settling. | The New Yorker
·         Truth, Chaos, Violence, Belief: Writers (Margaret Atwood, Roxane Gay), politicians (Hillary Clinton, John McCain), and others reflect on the words that defined 2017. | Medium
·         A series of recent bans and library shutdowns in Egypt have “turned something as simple as reading into a dangerous act.” | The Atlantic
·         Read new work by Ottessa Moshfegh, David Shields, Jamie Quatro and more in VICE’s 11th annual fiction issue. | VICE
·         “As I read her words, I experienced a feeling previously unknown to me: recognition.” On reading (and meeting) Maxine Hong Kingston. | Catapult
·         Eater’s cookbook of the year is Julia Turshen’s Feed the Resistance, which continues a tradition of progressive recipe collections reaching back to the women’s suffrage movement. | Eater
·         “Joanna Newsom was only five years older than me, but she seemed wiser than I’d ever be.” Chelsea Hodson reflects on—and releases—her 13-year-old interview with Joanna Newsom. | Fanzine
·         Intensity, but an attractive tone: On the “public, choral, odic” poetry of Marianne Moore. | Poetry Magazine
·         “I hope that 40 years from now, gender disparity isn’t so prevalent that I have to be writing about it.” Speaking with Amanda Gorman, the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate. | Broadly
·         Sarah Gailey on Homer’s Sirens, Andersen’s little mermaid, and our pervasive cultural fear of the female voice. | Tor
·         Why it’s time for a sexual harassment reckoning in the publishing industry—and why it hasn’t happened yet. | Bitch Media



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