Saturday, December 09, 2017

A Bach for All Seasons



A Bach for All Seasons

a love story

A memoir rich with reflections on youth and maturity, nature and survival, creativity and resilience.



‘The bach was dying and so was he.’


Juliet & Francis Batten bought the bach in the 1960s, and with it a Kiwi dream of escape & freedom. Now, forty years after their abrupt separation, the past jumps into the present.


When Juliet’s son asks if she would let her ex-husband stay in the bach for a six-week gathering of a fragmented family, she feels challenged.


Her answer leads to a year of surprises as the bach is transformed, memories loosened and the pattern of a life revealed.

 Juliet Batten’s second memoir is both strongly engaging and intensely moving. She skillfully interweaves the story of an iconic New Zealand bach at Te Henga and her complex relationship with Francis Batten over forty years, both capturing changing times and celebrating the significance of home and love in our lives.’ —Anne Else

Dr Juliet Batten, is an artist, teacher, mentor and creativity coach. She worked as a psychotherapist for twenty-six years and has practised meditation since 1983. She has also been involved in environmental protection and collaborative art projects. Among her many books are Celebrating the Southern Seasons, Dancing with the Seasons and Spirited Ageing.


Ishtar Books, 2017                                       ISBN 978-0-473-41421-4
RRP: $38                                       


Juliet said...

Thanks Graham, I appreciate your blog and your posting the information about my new memoir.

Sue said...

This is a wonderful book, as I was reading I felt I was travelling to an earlier time in my own life, with many parallels to my own and the lives of dear friends. Very much a New Zealand book. It's also refreshing to read a story of reconciliation on many layers.