Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Roundup with PW

Milkweed Unveils Lit Prize Honoring Young Poet
Milkweed Editions is launching the $10,000 Max Ritvo Poetry Prize for debut collections, in honor of the young poet who died of cancer in 2016, weeks before his debut collection was published by the Minneapolis-based nonprofit press.
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Carla Hayden, Louise Erdrich Win WNBA Awards
The librarian of Congress and the novelist, poet, and bookstore owner have been named the winners of the 2017 WNBA Awards.
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Amazon to Acquire Whole Foods: The $13.7 billion deal marks the biggest transaction ever for the e-commerce giant as it pushes deeper into groceries.

Amazon's Preventative Patent: Amazon has locked down a patent on technology to prevent people from comparing prices in its bookstores to online prices from other retailers.

A Milo Draft Emerges: A leaked manuscript suggests that “the most controversial book of the decade” could actually be the most boring book of the year, 'Buzzfeed' reports.

Belmont Books Opens Its Doors: Owned by a local husband and wife team, the first bookstore in Belmont, Mass., for seven years hopes to become a neighborhood staple.

Soviet Children’s Literature: In 1920s Russia, children read propagandistic books about sugar beets, hydroelectric plants, and five-year plans.


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