Friday, March 27, 2015

Which Way is Starboard Again?

Which Way is Starboard Again?
Overcoming fears & facing challenges-sailing the South Pacific
Anna Kirtlan

Publication date: 1 April 2015, RRP $29.99 - David Bateman   

Captivating yachting tale that’s not all plain sailing, this is a travel story with an unusual twist!

Anna was an uncoordinated office type when she agreed to sail with partner Paddy up into the Pacific. Not only was she new to sailing, she had mental health issues that made what was already an adventurous decision even more challenging.

Scared witless of the venture, she somehow does it anyway and in this humorous story of love, travel and overcoming the odds, Anna openly discusses her battle with OCD and how she dealt with anxiety and panic attacks while learning to sail and navigate, operate the radio, be up to speed with maritime safety procedures (and also to cook).

About the author:
Anna Kirtlan has a background in journalism, and is currently a communications advisor and magazine editor. Although she completed her Boatmaster’s certificate in 2010 Anna is still not sure which way starboard is! She lives between Wildflower, berthed at Chaffers Marina in Wellington, and a flat in Hataitai which she shares with her cat Ollie.

She describes herself as a ‘short, loud, orange cat-lady who enjoys reading, writing, sailing, scuba diving, gardening and playing David Bowie at deafening volumes.’

Anna blogs about her experiences at and you can follow her on Twitter as @SeaMunchkin.  
Which Way is Starboard Again? is Anna's first book.

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