Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hillary’s New Memoir Could Be 2016’s Audacity of Hope

US President Barack Obama and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrive for the East Asia Summit in Nusa Dua on Indonesia's resort island of Bali on November 19, 2011 following the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit. The 16-nation East Asia Summit, which already includes China, India and Japan, expanded by two members as US President Barack Obama formally took his seat together with Russia.   AFP PHOTO / SONNY TUMBELAKA (Photo credit should read SONNY TUMBELAKA/AFP/Getty Images)

"Hillary Clinton's candid reflections about the key moments during her time as Secretary of State, as well as her thoughts about how to navigate the challenges of the 21st century." This is the Amazon book description for the tentatively titled New Memoir by Hillary Rodham Clinton; as of now, the page for the book only has a photo of former Madame Secretary and her name. 
It is due out June 1, 2014 and yeah, we get it: That's only a few months before the presidential election cycle really starts to heat up. The description evokes the themes of past, present, and, most important, future — a staple in then-Senator Obama's late 2006 memoir/campaign novella, The Audacity of Hope: Reclaiming the American Dream; a work that was responsible for laying down his platform's rhetorical foundations and, ultimately, upending Clinton's presidential aspirations in the 2008 election. And, just three months after its release, Obama announced his candidacy for the White House. Here's to parallels.

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