Friday, August 26, 2011

First Unbound Live event - Monday 12th September

Unbound Live: Crowd Publishing
Tabernacle Arts Centre, Powis Square, Notting Hill
7pm, Monday 12 September 2011, the revolutionary crowd-funding platform for books, host their very first Unbound Live event in collaboration with 5 x 15 on Monday 12th September.
No one has ever attempted this before - it's like a cross between Dragons' Den and election hustings. Here's the idea: the audience will be treated to an evening of riotous literary entertainment as 10 authors go head-to-head pitching ideas for books they would really like to write.
Pitching authors will range from international bestselling novelist Kate Mosse, Booker-shortlisted comic novelist, Tibor Fischer and creator of 90s TV show, This Life, Amy Jenkins to unknowns and debut hopefuls. The venue is the Tabernacle Arts Centre in Notting Hill, London at 6.45pm, tickets are £20, available at – everyone who attends will get a £10 voucher to pledge that evening. Those who pledge even a small amount will see their names appear in the first edition of the book!
Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf, Scrapheap Challenge, Carpool) will be presenting News from Gardenia. Graham Smith will offer up We Can Be Heroes – a lavishly illustrated history of London's club scene in the early 80s by the people who made it. Keith Kahn-Harris, a sociologist and world expert on Jewish heavy metal pitches his attempt to find the best water-skier in Luxembourg. Vitali Vitaliev, the Russian Bill Bryson, presents Cattivo Recordo, a journey through Italy in search of a bad meal. George Chopping, former Sainsbury's 'shelf replenishment technician' now performance poet and promoter presents Smoking with Crohn’s. Elliot Rose (aka award-winning novelist Will Davis) performs an aerial trapeze display piece and presents Demonica, his chilling tale of a woman who loses her face. And sensational Oxford band Little Fish present The New Original Little Fish Paper Club Handbook, a guide to how to start a modern rock band and preview their new single ‘Wonderful’.
After all the performers have delivered their pitches everyone's (silent) pledges will be gathered - it's all part of's bid to enter literary history by producing the UK's first list of crowd-published books. 

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