Wednesday, September 24, 2008


When I picked up The New Yorker, September 15, 2008, out of my post box today I immediately made two observations. First the terrific cover and secondly the thickness of the issue.

First the cover. It is by Eric Drooker and he calls it, "New York Moment". Perfect Eric. This is a real NY moment. When you live in a metropolis like NY planning to meet up with friends or a lover, or anyone else can be logistically complex. The city covers such a vast area and your friend may live two subway rides away which may take an hour or more. So one of the things I often observe when I am there, (oh that that could be more often), are people farewelling each other at the top of the stairs that lead down into the subway station. Eric Drooker has captured the moment beautifully.

One of the great disadvantages of working alone at a home office is the absence of interaction with colleagues. I was so taken by this New Yorker cover that I hastened up to my favourite cafe on Ponsonby Road to share it with the barrista and other customers at the cafe. I raved about New York & The New Yorker, and this cover in particular to anyone who would listen!

Second the thickness of the issue - it proved to be casued by a 32 page Program Guide for The New Yorker Festival being held October 3-4-5 , 2008.Oh my goodness, what a star-studded lineup. It would make my friends who plan Festivals here in New Zealand go green with envy.

Here are but a few of the featured authors: Elmore Leonard, Joyce Carol Oates, Jhumpar Lahiri, Roddy Doyle, Anne Enwright, Tobias Wolff, Peter Carey, Hari Kinzru,, Junot Diaz, Alice Munro, Seamus Heaney, Art Spieegelman, Adam Gopnik, Haruki Murakami, Claudia Roden, Paul Theroux and Salman Rushdie. There are loads of others along with movie types like Clint Eastwood, Oliver Stone, Tommy Lee Jones, Richard Brody and others along with stars of ballet and opera.

Check out the festival website


LiteraryMinded said...

I'm jealous of everyone who has been to New York and has a subscription to the New Yorker, and my God what a festival!
So much jealousy!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea there even was a New Yorker fetival... off to read about it now.