Wednesday, December 13, 2006


For many years I have driven a small Alpha Romeo, the current one, now 5 years old is a 147 model. This car, and the four before it, were all supplied and serviced by Continental Car Services in Newmarket. This image is taken from their company Christmas Card several years ago. Its an image that I have always been rather fond of so thought this year I should share it with a larger audience.I hope it appeals to you too.

I hope you have a wonderful relaxing break over the holidays and that 2007 proves to be wonderful for you in all the ways you wish.

Beatties Book Blog will be on holiday for a month from 22 December. I am hoping there will be loads of books for me under the Christmas tree, I shall report back!

P.S.We live near a street where every year the residents go to enormous trouble and expense to decorate their homes with Christmas lights and people pour in from all over with their kids to view the spectacle. It is wonderful of an evening to wander along that street and listen to the excited reaction of people young and old. A special Christmas greeting then to the good folk of Franklin Road in the Auckland suburb of Ponsonby.
Some pics follow but they do not do justice to the annual magic transformation of Franklin Road. If you live in or near Auckland then a visit is a must.
Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Great image Bookman.Love the thought of Santa's sleigh in for its annyal checkover.

I live in Toronto where there is quite a widespread practice of decorating our homes with lights and decorattions at this time of the year. However we do often have snow to help the image. It seems odd to us to think of you swimming and having barbecues at Christmas.

Merry Christmas and thank you for your blog, its a welcome addition to my Favourites even if most of the books you talk about are not available in Canada. My mother was born in New Zealand and your blog gives me a literary connection with her homeland. We are all planning to come down there for a family reunion in 2008.