Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Bookman Beattie will be in Christchurch Thursday and Friday this week, visiting the splendid UBS Bookshop at Ilam amongst other things, so no doubt I'll come away with a nice pile of new books to report on next week. Meantime though I'll be off the air until Monday next.

It is now 5 weeks since I launched this site and 74 blogs later I'm gradually getting the hang of what I'm doing.
To all of those who have made comments on the site, and the much greater number who have e-mailed me, and to the staggering number who have visited the site I offer my thanks for your interest and support.
The huge interest from librarians, teachers, booksellers and publishers has been pleasing.
Can I urge you to comment on the site whenever you feel inclined. You can do do anonymously if you wish. Be as frank as you wish!

"Talk" to you Monday.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading about what you bought.I live in Christchurch and for my money the UBS out at the Ilam campus is our best bookshop. These days when the big places like Whitcoulls and Borders look more like libraries than bookshops I like going to UBS because its a mangeable size, is crammed full of wonderful books, and has staff who are readers, they know their books, they have all the latest reviews on display, and you can get advice and recommendations from them.
Its a bit of a pain being out at Ilam but its well worth the trip.
What did you buy? I'm curious!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Christchurch Bookboy. That UBS is a great store.
Years ago, in my student days, the UBS was in what is now the Arts Centre and it used to get a lot more members of the public going there because it was central. But of course when the Uni shifted out to Ilam the bookshop went too.

Anonymous said...

I shifted to Christchurch from Wellington a couple of years back and was rather unhappy at losing Unity Books in the Capital, arguably the best independent bookshop in the land. But having now found UBS down here I am again being well served for my book needs.