Monday, August 14, 2017

Taking Wainui - Laura Solomon


The main story in the collection Taking Wainui concerns a boy who is the son of a Black Mamba gang leader. It is assumed that he will follow in his father’s footsteps and become a gang member too. However, he meets a lady who works stopping young people getting into gangs. He is given an initiation project of stealing from this lady’s house. She stops him in his tracks and talks him into not stealing from her, but going home to face his father instead.
In the story The Scar two people with disabilities put a restless spirit at ease. Subterranean Ghost Station Blues concerns a wealthy socialite who decides to sample life in the New York sewers. The story Jacob and Fig is about a boy and a giant who become friends and explore the immediate vicinity. White Lotus is the tale of a bewitched tattoo that comes to life. The Sammy Series is a comedy series that revolves around a rebel angel whom has been sent on a mission from God to become a musician, and his girlfriend Tiffany. Finally, The Rising Epidemic of Bullying is an essay that examines the impact of bullying.

The book has been published by Woven Words Publishing.

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