Wednesday, August 23, 2017

One of the oldest New Zealand books continuously in print for over 120 years

Yates Garden Guide
now in its 79th edition

First published in 1895, the Yates Garden Guide is one of the oldest New Zealand books in continuous publication. It remains the most comprehensive, reliable and practical source of advice for all New Zealand gardeners.
As our world changes, gardening habits change. Gardening fashions change, too. The Yates Garden Guide records, reflects and reacts to these changes, keeping each edition of the book new and up to date. The challenge over the last 122 years has been to keep the content fresh and relevant for succeeding generations.

While the Yates Garden Guide has grown and changed over the years, it remains a practical book that is of value to everyday homeowners, whether they garden on acreage, a small section, a balcony or a kitchen windowsill. This book offers value to all.

This fully revised new edition of the Yates Garden Guide includes hundreds of plant species, and everything you need to know about growing trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit.
New additions to the 79th edition include:

• New recommendations for pest and disease control and updated problem-solving charts
• How to establish a community garden
• Encouraging bees in the garden
• Growing microgreens
• Transplanting
• A new herb planting and growing chart
• Recommendations on keeping chickens
• New and revised hints from some of New Zealand top gardeners

Yates Garden Guide 79th edition
Publication Date 1 September 2017 | RRP $49.99
published by HarperCollins New Zealand

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