Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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The Problem With Beautiful Bookstores Is That Everyone Wants Photos, All Of The Time

At The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, “Some see it as a special place, one made magical through the presence of books. Some view it as a photo opportunity first, everything else second. We get people blocking thoroughfares to take photos, making access to shelves difficult for both staff and visitors. We should have known that would happen when we created unusual design fixtures for the store, from the tunnel of books on the mezzanine level to the cash wrap made of books.”

A Writing Workshop That Runs Itself – And Has Served 15,000 People In New York

“At the beginning of each session the leader gives a prompt, and, after the requisite grumbling and staring into the middle-distance, the whole group, leader included, spend 15 or 20 minutes in silence, scribbling in their notebooks. Then those who feel like it read what they’ve just written.” And feedback has to be positive, or it can’t happen at all.

British Writers Aren’t Cool With Hollywood’s ‘Pathetic’ Treatment

Part of the problem, award-winning screenwriters say? Directors. “The generally held view is that the director is all-powerful. You never hear a writer mentioned. Hardly ever. They don’t say ‘this is a marvellous film written by’ but ‘this is a wonderful film directed by.’ … There’s nothing you can do to change it, but that’s how the industry is. The director has taken over the whole film world.”

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