Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Roundup with PW

Standing Up to President Trump
There never has been a president whose election has caused as much widespread alarm among so many people in all segments of the publishing industry as Donald Trump.
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Finalists Named for 2017 PW Bookstore of the Year
This year’s bookstore finalists represent a broad range of independent bookstores, from across the country, both newer stores and long-established ones. The winner will be announced in March.
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Baileys Drops Women's Prize Sponsorship: The drinks brand has supported the Baileys prize since 2014, but is refocusing its strategy on non-English speaking countries.

HC U.K. CEO: Books Before Innovations: Charlie Redmayne shares his perspective on India, experiments with digital and the future.

How to Escape the Slush Pile: Submitting short fiction to literary magazines can be a discouraging process, but a pre-submission checklist can help.

11 Memoirs By American Radicals: An array of books by muckraking journalists, anti-war activists, and other radical writers of 20th Century America.

César Aira's Infinite Footnote: Aira’s novels are difficult to classify—by turns realist, surrealist, absurd, and philosophical—but they are certainly indebted to Borges.



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