Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wellington in Your Pocket

Wellington in Your Pocket

By Karolina Slovakova, Nigel Beckford and Michael Fitzsimons

This handy pocket-sized guide is a vibrant tribute to all things Wellington. It combines fresh and funky illustrations with witty and informative text about the city’s main attractions. It is educative as well as entertaining. It includes a map of the city and is a charming gift for Wellingtonians abroad and anyone with a day to spare in Wellington. Wellington in Your Pocket is printed on quality art paper, making it an ideal memento for Wellington enthusiasts. As well as the pocket book guide, a giant art print of the whole city – Welcome to Wellington, the new Hawaii – has also been created in the same dynamic illustrative style. 

 Wellington in Your Pocket combines the talents of exciting young Czech illustrator Karolina Slovakova and award-winning Wellington writers and art directors, Nigel Beckford and Michael Fitzsimons. Nigel Beckford and Michael Fitzsimons are directors of FitzBeck Creative which was responsible for the highly successful Wellington Book and the NZ Book. Both these books have had several reprints with sales approaching 12,000 copies, and both have been recognised with Best Design Awards from the NZ Designers’ Institute.

Say its creators: "This was another painstaking labour of love. All the people in the book are real people sketched going about their daily business. Hence the skyscrapers of paper, multiple scans and hours of colouring and art direction it took to achieve a final, bespoke result. We also avoided the tyranny of quick lists and 'trip advisor-speak' and opted for a few well-chosen words from heart instead." 

RRP  $25
88 pages plus soft cover
165mm x 110mm
Publisher: FitzBeck Publishing

Distributer: Greene Phonenix Marketing

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