Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Roundup with PW

Dr. Seuss Sues Over 'Star Trek' Book: Connecticut-based ComicMix has been sued by the Seuss Estate for trying to sell a mashup book called 'Oh, The Places You'll Boldly Go!'

Kids' Lit Against Fear and Hate: Hundreds of children's authors have signed a pledge on website The Brown Bookshelf to tackle racism and xenophobia.

Michael Chabon, the Underdog On Top: Chabon’s new novel is being received this week with the kind of hype you’d expect. He’s a big deal author. So why doesn’t he act like one?

The Death of the Hatchet Job: Book reviewing used to be a blood sport in America. So how has it become so benign and polite?

'The Health of Us' by Claudia Rankine: A new poem by the author of 'Citizen' written in response to the national discussion around healthcare.

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