Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The last Tuesday Poem

Posted at midnight, 15 December 2015, is the last Tuesday Poem post after five incredible years. It is a collaborative poem constructed by site founders and curators Claire Beynon and Mary McCallum from lines written by the Tuesday Poets past and present.

A circle is being drawn around Tuesday Poem. There will be no more fresh posts at the hub, but it will remain online to be visited and enjoyed – an astonishing archive of work by the Tuesday Poets and those they've chosen to showcase. There will be Tuesday Poets who will continue to post poems on Tuesdays. All power to them.

Tuesday Poem, founded in New Zealand, but spanning the globe, has been a perfect poetical collaboration. Do visit. Say hello. 

The opening lines of the poem say it all:

now you are privy to
a thousand thousand things.  (Jen Compton)

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