Wednesday, December 23, 2015

NZSA / Hachette Mentor program recipients announced

Two authors begin 2016 with trans-Tasman mentorship with publisher

The New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ Inc) and Hachette Australia and New Zealand are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 NZSA / Hachette Mentor Program.

Originally only one writer was to get the opportunity to work on a new draft of their completed manuscript under the joint mentorship of Hachette Australia and New Zealand but Hachette selectors had a tough job choosing from the 55 applications. Six manuscripts, authored by Kathryn van Beek, Anne Harre, Brandy Scott, Eileen Merriman, Karen Zelas and Caroline Barron, were shortlisted. When it came to the crunch Hachette decided to extend the mentorship to two of the shortlisted authors.

Congratulations to Brandy Scott (pictured at right) and Anne Harre (pictured at left) who will each be mentored during 2016, receiving constructive critiquing of their manuscript as part of the Hachette mentorship. The selected manuscripts may be considered by Hachette for publication within 6 months of delivery of a new draft of the manuscript.

Hachette publisher Sophie Hamley commented that “Both of them wrote stories I just wanted to keep reading; their writing is mature and they are clearly unafraid to do more work.”

Of the 55 applications received Hachette noted that several authors amongst the submissions are previously published or otherwise have very good writing credits, which was unexpected. A small number of authors who have not been selected for the mentor program will be asked to send in their full manuscript for consideration for publication by Hachette Australia and New Zealand.

Jackie Dennis, Chief Executive of the NZ Society of Authors is delighted with the result. “These mentorships will help Brandy and Anne with their next draft and move them closer to publication. It has also exposed more of our writers to Hachette and potentially to publication by Hachette Australia and New Zealand.”

To find out more about Brandy Scott and Anne Harre go to

This program is proudly presented by Hachette Australia and New Zealand in partnership with The New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ Inc.)

Media enquiries contact Jackie Dennis 09 379 4801 or 021 762 562 

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