Thursday, September 25, 2014

Holding On To Home: New Zealand Stories and Objects of the First World War

You are invited on Wednesday 1 October to hear Kate Hunter and Kirstie Ross discuss their recent publication:

At the centenary of the Great War, historians and curators face the challenge of bringing fresh perspectives to a conflict that is already familiar to audiences through not only their own family history and memorabilia, but also a shared culture of remembrance, the arts and media. In their recent publication, Holding on to Home: New Zealand Objects and Stories of the First World War the authors, Kate Hunter and Kirstie Ross, emphasise everyday artefacts in order to illuminate the period and to explore who New Zealanders at war were, as well as what they treasured and why. 

Their book reveals the importance of objects in maintaining individual, family and sometimes community identities in a conflict that was global and globalising, as well as impersonal and industrial. In this illustrated seminar, the authors of Holding on to Home will focus on specific objects and their relationship to themes within their book, to show how things, integrated with documentary and pictorial sources, can change the scale, scope and nature of the history of New Zealand’s Great War
About the Authors
Kate Hunter is a social historian with an interest in World War One. Currently Associate Professor and Head of the History programme at Victoria University. Kate is an Honorary Research Associate at Te Papa and the author of many articles and books.
Kirstie Ross is Curator Modern New Zealand at Te Papa, specialising in 20th Century social history and material culture. Kirstie has curated numerous exhibitions, including Te Papa’s forthcoming World War One centennial exhibition.

Time: Wednesday 1 October at 12.15pm
Place: L4 ASB House, 101 the Terrace, Wellington
Talks are for approximately 1 hour.

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