Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Beijing-to-Bologna Time Machine

In China children's books are for indoctrinating good citizens and instilling morals, but elsewhere, kids books are becoming increasingly entertaining, enticing and personal.
An American and an Italian crossed the language barrier to produce a gorgeous new children's book, Jemmy Button, along with a common language of creative co-production.
More News from PP:
Porter Anderson's roundup of Web buzz looks at the deluge of data coming out of confabs in Italy, B&Ns battle with S&S, Sebastian Posth's German analytics, and much more.
Today in Paris Readium.org launched its new open EPUB 3 SDK Project and has formalized a strong and varied consortium of international players to support it.
From the Archives:
A top Indian media executive explains how China’s state-controlled media model and India’s democratic one differ, and the opportunities available in each.

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