Monday, March 25, 2013

Children’s Nonfiction Publishing Comes of Age

Today's Feature:
Once an afterthought, children's nonfiction publishing is experiencing a revolution, especially in the US, where the segment grew by 5% in 2012.
As the children's book economy shifts from gatekeeper to an on-demand economy, how do you help children to make good choices? First step: learn what they want.
More News from PP:
Teens appear to be returning to print books said Kristen McLean at the Tools of Change Bologna conference, but questions still remain as to why.
BBC is selling Lonely Planet, to NC2 Media, a Nashville-based digital media company, for $77.8 million — $120 million less than what BBC bought it for in 2007.
From the Archives:
Vikram Savkar from Nature Publishing Group describes the mission behind his successful digital textbook, Principles of Biology, at the IDPF Conference.

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