Wednesday, August 28, 2013


From PW Daily

B&N Retail Head Sells Shares : Barnes & Noble's retail group head Mitchell Klipper sold about two-thirds of his shares in the beleaguered retailer in the past few days, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Miffy Books to be Updated : Publishers Simon and Schuster have announced a number of Miffy books will be updated "to appeal to a modern British audience."

Book Proposal On Gruber and Klein : Despite Calvin Klein's ex Nick Gruber's denial of the existence of a manuscript, the New York Post has obtained a copy of Gruber’s book proposal, titled Obsession: My Life With Calvin Klein, co-written by journalist Lisa Arcella.

Shanghai Metro's Subway-Only Library : Chinese subway riders using Shanghai's Metro Line 2 will soon have their very own unofficial library. Pick up a book at one station, drop it off at any other.

Purdy, a Fabulist Haunting the Fringes: A New York Times review says a new collection of James Purdy's short stories refocuses attention on his "wildly original" style.

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