Saturday, August 31, 2013

Of Saint Jerome and Prostitutes and Thieves

Ross Ufberg, cofounder of New Vessel Press, reflects on the state of translation in America, finding it far more vital and vibrant than one might expect.
Posthumous publications have had a dicey track record. So what should we expect of the rumored five new works to come from J.D. Salinger?
More News from PP:
Kobo launches a new fleet of ereading devices aimed at passionate readers, and they add Pocket and magazine support to their platform.
Amazon opened its Kindle ebookstore in Mexico with 70,000 Spanish-language titles and is selling devices through the Librerías Gandhi bookstore chain.
From the Archives:
Mexico’s powerful bookseller Librerías Gandhi is adding apps, aggregating Latin American indie ebooks, and expanding sales to the US, Spain and Argentina.

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