Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kobo Unveils New Tablets and E-Reader

Yesterday Kobo introduced three new color tablets and a black-and-white e-reader, which will launch in the U.S. in September. 

The 6" Aura e-book device, available for $149.99, is, according to, "sleeker" and "lighter" than the company's Glo and has technology that "reduces flashing in a big way"--going up to 100 pages without refreshing. "It's all one surface and looks more like the screens you'd find on a tablet."

The tablets are the Arc 10HD, priced at $399.99, the Arc 7HD, at $199 and $249, as well as the Arc 7, at $149, "each of which looks to continue the Kobo tradition of offering good specs at reasonable prices," Cnet said.

Kobo intends "to set itself apart from the ever-increasing selection of high end tablets," said, "by focusing on reading--which, granted, seems like an odd angle for a $400 tablet, but Kobo's certainly taken great pains to make this the most reader-friendly tablet around. That means, primarily, skinning the slate's Android 4.2.2. Fire it up and you're greeted with books (as well as those new magazines)--books you're reading and books Kobo thinks you should be reading, culled from its online offerings."

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Claire G said...

Having delayed my tablet and/or e-reader purchase, I find myself quite tempted by these new products, which seem well summarised here:
Is there any way we will be able to buy one of them and still support our NZ independent bookstores? Those who sell kobo devices are currently limited to the Glo model of e-reader.