Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Is ‘The Bone Season’ Good? We Say: It Could Be

By Michelle Dean on

Is 'The Bone Season' Good? We Say: It Could BeSamantha Shannon’s The Bone Season is being greeted as the Next Great Thing in young adult literature. And a population hungry for a new Harry Potter or The Hunger Games already seems to be flocking to it. Shannon has been profiled in New York magazine, the book is The Today Show’s first book club pick, and the book is selling at an okay clip if its decent Amazon rank is any evidence. The funny thing about hype, though, is that it is rarely merited, and often reflects more the flailings of an anxious book marketing department than any kind of real literary-or-even-just-pure-fun judgement. 
But it is my lot in life to be the kind of person who tests these things out, so I dutifully downloaded it to my Kindle last week to report back to you. … Read More

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