Monday, November 26, 2007

TREADING WATER – Rob Hewitt’s Survival Story
Rob Hewitt with Aaron Smale $30

Rob Hewitt’s survival for 75 hours in the water off the west coast north of Wellington, New Zealand in February last year made headlines at home and around the world. Now for the first time the full story is told and what an amazing, inspiring almost unbelievable story it proves to be. A story of epic endurance, about the limits of human endurance, the strength of love and family ties, a story of mental toughness. It is a truly inspiring tale and one is not surprised to learn that Hewitt has become an inspirational speaker working with the Step Up youth programme, Water Safety NZ, maritime NZ and the Junior Kiwis rugby league team.

But the book is more than just his remarkable tale of survival, it is a memoir in which Hewitt speaks frankly about his childhood, growing up in a Pakeha world, the trials of boarding school, being the brother of an All Black and his 20 year navy career.

Contains an interesting selection of family and career photographs
Rob Hewitt is a remarkable New Zealander.

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