Saturday, November 17, 2007

Attenborough Leaves Simon & Schuster Australia
Jon Attenborough, the managing director of Simon & Schuster Australia, has resigned from his position, the publisher announced yesterday. Deputy Managing Director Franscois McHardy has been named his successor, effective immediately. "Jon has led Simon & Schuster Australia to many years of profitability, establishing S&S as a competitive presence in the Australian marketplace, and playing a key role in Simon & Schuster's international operations," said S&S President and CEO Jack Romanos. "We offer our sincere thanks to Jon for his many years of service to Simon & Schuster, and for leaving us a publishing company that is well-positioned to thrive in the years ahead."
"I have decided that it is the right time for me leave S&S, and to take time out from the world of publishing for the next 12 months," said Attenborough, who has been managing director since 1987. "It has been a wonderfully exciting, challenging, and rewarding time. [But,] I am look forward even more to spending time with my wife and our family and friends, to renewing my passion for golf and fishing, and to enjoying the tranquility of life—without the constant bleep of a Blackberry."McHardy, who joined Simon & Schuster earlier this year, will take over responsibility for publishing and distribution operations and financial activities of SSA and will report to Cyrus Kheradi, vice president and group director of International Sales for Simon & Schuster. According to the publisher, at this time, Simon & Schuster Australia is on track to have its best year ever in 2007."I am excited and gratified for this opportunity," McHardy said. "Over the last few months, as I have gotten to know the staff at SSA, and our colleagues in the U.S. and U.K., I have seen up close the terrific drive and spirit that make S&S such a formidable publishing competitor. As we look at a future in which large scale change to our industry is inevitable, I am confident S&S has the team and the ability to be successful on both the local and international level."

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