Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nick Turzynski SEEKS YOUR HELP:

The Top Ten New Zealand Books for People Who Hate Top Ten Lists

I am currently writing a book for 8-14 year olds and have a section on the Top Ten New Zealand Books You Must Read.

I really need your help because my list was so subjective it would have had you howling with protest when the book came out. The book is serious in a fairly light-hearted manner so I am keen for the list to be the one you want it to be instead of the one you think it should be.
It doesn't have to include Janet Frame (though it probably will) and it doesn't have to include Barry Crump (though it probably will) and if you think the biography of Colin Meads should be in there then include it.
Books can be fiction or non-fiction and from any era, as long as they were published in New Zealand.

Please send your list to

Results revealed on publication.
Many thanks.
Nick Turzynski.

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Kebabette said...

It might be worth consulting via the National Library's Create Readers blog too as people reading/writing here are looking at that age group.