Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sony releases their next generation 'electronic paper' display PRS-505

Sony has now come up with their next generation 'electronic paper' display - PRS-505 which delivers an even faster response and contrast ratio, making it easier for getting stuck into a good read on bright sunny days due to its electrophoretic display.

Sony has released the PRS-505 "Reader Digital Book", improving on the earlier Sony Reader which was available at the beginning of the year. The new version is slimmer by 0.2mm and At 6.9 inches high by 4.9 inches wide by 0.3 inch deep, the Reader is somewhere between the size of a standard DVD case and a short trade paperback novel. Re-styled controls more closely mimic paper page turns and allow for quick, intuitive navigation. Eight levels of gray scale provide for crisp and clear text, images, and graphics.

"For people on the go, this device is compelling because it allows them to carry a wide variety of reading materials whether they are on a cross-country flight, in a doctor's office waiting room, or at a beach resort," said Steve Haber, senior vice president of Sony's Digital Imaging and Audio Division. "The Reader can handle a stack of books and other documents that people would rather not carry, yet offers a 'book-like' reading experience unavailable with other electronic devices."

The new USB-based mass storage capability allows users to use the device as a portable drive for the direct transfer of documents, images and other files to the Reader. A new auto sync feature also lets users set up folders with books and documents that can be automatically synchronized when the device is connected to a PC.

Since Sony's launch of the CONNECT™ eBooks Store last year, the number of downloadable eBooks offered has expanded to more than 20,000 titles with new ones added weekly.

Grove/Atlantic, Harcourt Trade, Kensington, Pearson Education, The Perseus Books Group, Regnery Publishing, Taylor & Francis and W.W. Norton have joined the ranks of publishers such as Hachette Book Group USA, Harlequin, HarperCollins Publishers, Holtzbrinck Publishers, Hyperion, McGraw Hill, Penguin Group, Random House and Simon & Schuster in their commitment to electronic publishing.

Recent newcomers to the store include Reader's Digest, the first magazine to produce content for the Reader and Dorling Kindersley with titles coming soon which is great for e-book fans but downloadable titles have been reported to be expensive and only available through Sony's online store at the moment.

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