Saturday, November 24, 2007

Join the debate as World Book Day 2008 launches search for The Book to Talk About

A new campaign – Spread the Word, Books to Talk About – has today been launched by World Book Day, inviting UK and Irish readers to vote for The Book to Talk About for 2008.

The Spread the Word website will invite book-lovers to join the debate, share thoughts and comments, as well as recommend titles which have genuine word of mouth appeal and discussion potential. Reading groups and individuals will be asked to vote for their favourite title from a long-list of 100 ‘hidden gems’ selected by an industry panel. The site will also be a great resource for new and existing book groups, with downloadable toolkits, discussion topics, and the chance to win books and £100 of National Book Tokens each week.

The ten most popular titles will be announced at the beginning of February 2008, and will be the focus when the online discussions move into libraries and bookshops around the UK, with the launch of the Spread The Word: Books to Talk about Reading Groups. These will be held on or around World Book Day 2008, and will also be a great opportunity for anyone new to book clubs to get involved, with ‘taster’ groups as well as appearances from short-listed authors.

Voting will continue throughout February for the title which readers think will best spark discussion in reading groups and amongst friends The winning author of The Book to Talk about 2008 – and recipient of a £5,000 prize – is then set to be announced on World Book Day, Thursday 6th March.

The selection of 100 titles features several established authors such as David Mitchell and Jonathan Coe as well as some of the rising stars of contemporary fiction today, including Hari Kunzru, Helon Habila, winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing and acclaimed US authors Sara Gruen and Dara Horn. A range of genres are also represented from science fiction, crime and comedy to romance, adventure and historical novels.

Readers can join the discussion and cast their vote at the dedicated Spread the Word: Books to Talk About website:

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Bookman Beattie suggests that this UK/Ireland event should be taken worldwide.

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Pauline Rowson said...

Hi, I'm one of the authors on the World Book Day Spread The Word list. My novel, a thriller called In Cold Daylight, is based on a true life mystery regarding UK fire fighters. It might not be 'literary' but it is, I hope, entertaining and controversial. I've got some comments on the book on the WBD web site, one from someone who read it whilst travelling to NZ. Have relatives and friends living and working in NZ. If by some remote chance I were to win then the prize money is going to the UK Fire Service National Benevolent Fund. Interesting blog. I'm a fellow blogspot er.