Friday, November 23, 2007


Today I had lunch in the city, an unusual event for me, and on the way back to my Vespa at the motorcycle park, I had to pass the small but beautifully formed Unity Books in High Street. I thought to myself I’ll just pop in for a moment but I won’t buy any books as my office and bedroom are starting to look like a public library stack toom!
Ha, some chance. Half an hour later and out I went with three books.

The Best American Travel Writing 2007 – Susan Orlean
The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2007– Dave Eggers

Two of the eight titles in this celebrated annual series from Houghton Miflin.
Someone recently recommended these to me but I now can’t recall the name of that person, so if it was you and you happen to read this could you remind me it was you.
These look like wonderful plane reads, or to have beside the bed for dipping into before falling asleep.
I must say I had to exercis great restraint in not buying all eight in the series. The Best American Comics in particular was extremely hard to leave there.
Check out the Houghton Miflin website for full details on the series.

The third title purchased was something entirely different.

A NEST OF SINGING BIRDS – 100 years of the New Zealand School Journal
Gregory O’Brien Learning Media $40

This is a real walk down memory lane and from a quick glance I can see that anthologist/historian/artist/curator/critic/author/essayist/everywhere man Gregory O’Brien has done a superb job. Can’t wait to get into this one. Real nostalgua stuff,

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