Tuesday, May 01, 2018

The Roundup with PW

The Nobel Bloodbath Continues: The Swedish Academy says a seventh board member has stepped down amid a crisis at the institution that awards the Nobel Prize in literature.

Learning Seattle's Lessons: Amazon has surprised officials in cities vying for the company’s new headquarters by asking how to avoid soaring housing costs and paralyzing traffic.

A Bookstore Grows in Taiwan: A Hong Kong bookseller returned from Chinese custody is opening a new bookshop in Taiwan to combat "forcible control by mainland China."

Where's the 'Moby-Dick' Follow-Up?: By June 1853, Herman Melville had taken a new novel to his New York publisher. That is the last time the finished manuscript was seen.

The Novelist and the Slave: In 1931, Zora Neale Hurston sought to publish the story of Cudjo Lewis, the final slave-ship survivor. Instead, it languished in a vault. Until now.

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