Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Off the Shelf


Put a Little Spring in Your Fall Step: A Bookish Bouquet in 9 Novels

I’m in a bit of a dilemma. Fall is here, which is very exciting for many reasons, such as: hot coffee, not iced! As great as fall is, it means gone are the days of green grass and flowers filling the flowerbeds and pots in the city. The fields sprinkled with wildflowers back home in Jersey are mowed down and something that looks like straw or corn is growing. The little patches of tulips on Park Avenue are replaced with mums (meh) or cabbages (yuck). What better way to relive the warmer days and fondly remember the colorful petals and aromatic buds of springtime past than through reading? Here are 9 books with flowers right there in the title, so as you’re curled up with your warm beverage in a cozy blanket and your favorite socks, you can think of flowers while still loving fall.

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