Monday, May 30, 2016

A dark tale that navigates the underbelly of urban New Zealand.

A dark tale that navigates the underbelly of urban New Zealand. It is also a very human story of hope and possibility. Expect to hear a lot more about this book, I expect it to gain a lot of attention. I couldn't put it down
On the night that Carla Reid plans on celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband Kevin and their grown son Jack, their New Zealand farmstead has never felt more like home. But when Ben Toroa and another aspiring gang member brutally force their way into the house with robbery and more on their minds the night and the rest of both their lives take a radically different direction. As Carla struggles to come to terms with the aftermath and bereavement of different kinds, and Ben faces the consequences in prison, their stories continue to interweave.   

About the author

Growing up in a publisher's home in South Africa, Fiona fell in love with language and the written word at an early age. This was during the apartheid era, and witnessing the brutal regime at work sensitised Fiona to the issues of injustice and racial prejudice. This is her second novel following Shifting Colours.
Fiona now lives in rural Auckland, New Zealand with her husband and family..
ISBN: 9780749020262
Allison & Busby- NZ $32.99

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