Friday, April 29, 2016

Natasha Cooper’s gripping Trish Maguire crime series to be published in full by Bello

Crime writer Natasha Cooper’s popular Trish Maguire series, first published from 1998 - 2007, will be coming back into print on 19 May 2016, published by Bello, Pan Macmillan’s digital and print on demand imprint.

The nine novels follow the adventures of Trish Maguire, a lawyer with both worldly ambition and a biting social conscience, which drives her to become involved in investigations that lie outside of her professional scope.

Described by The Guardian as ‘cool, clever and charismatic’, Cooper’s fiercely intelligent protagonist Trish is a force to be reckoned with. Through the course of the novels, readers follow her rise from a junior barrister to a leading QC as she delves into cases of missing children, unexplained and violent murders, deceit in the art world and suspects rather too close to home for comfort. All this whilst keeping a hold on the events threatening to destabilise her own life.  

The series brings together Creeping Ivy, Fault Lines, Prey to All, Out of the Dark, Place of Safety, Keep Me Alive, Gagged and Bound, A Greater Evil and A Poisoned Mind.  

Ann Cleeves has commented,

‘I’m delighted that Trish Maguire will be available to readers again, I’m a great fan. Natasha Cooper is a compelling crime-writer; her stories always start with an intriguing premise and lead us through to a satisfying conclusion. But she’s more than an assured story-teller. Cooper is fascinated by the nature of evil and each story is a contemporary fable, exploring the roots and the consequences of violence.’

Natasha Cooper was born in West London and has always lived in the city. She worked in publishing for ten years before leaving to write her first novel. After six historical novels published under another name, she found her natural home in crime, first with the light-hearted Willow King series, then with the Trish Maguire novels. She chaired the Crime Writers’ Association in 1999/2000. Natasha has written a new introduction to Dorothy L Sayer’s Busman’s Honeymoon, which will be reissued by Hodder in September.

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Natasha Cooper said...

Thank you so much for including this lovely description of the series in your blog, Graham. I do hope your readers enjoy the novels - and Trish Maguire herself. I think she's probably my favourite among all the characters I've created in a long career. Natasha Cooper