Thursday, July 21, 2011


 Come and hear
Poet Jo Thorpe

A dancer , Jo’s poems ‘dance’ in their delicious language, musicality and themes.

Sunday July 24, 4.30 pm- 6.15 pm
Rona Gallery 151 Muritai Rd Eastbourne. 
Refreshments. Koha: $5 
Starts with an ‘Open Mic’ for local writers.

Extract from Hunt the Slipper

recalling a tale of that chaste ballerina
stopped by a highwayman wanting
not gold, but demanding she dance
on her black panther skins
spread out on the scintillant snow ...

Extract from Inlet

I want to cast back to the sandspit at noon,
how I stood on its bright neck, tide muscling in,
its heedless pulse finding every scooped-out
glyph and groove ...

One more WRITERS ON SUNDAY event: August 28 - Peter Walker historical fiction

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