Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Poem and the moonmen

Tuesday Poem is awash with moonmen (Anna Livesey), men who don't exist while existing (Emma Barnes), women with red hair who write (Janet Frame, Jeanette Winterson, Claire Beynon), men who dream and write and dream some more (Coleridge, Eugenio Montale), writers as giants stilled (Alicia Ponder), a lover at the airport as Orpheus (Kathleen Jones), a daughter of death (Mary McCallum). No simple poems of daily life built upon small epiphanies these but poems that push and stretch in that space between ordinary life and vision extraordinary. Trains detonate in Madrid and echo in the streets of Wellington (Harvey McQueen), mothers with babies steal fruit and watch the blades of windmills chop the air (Helen Lehndorf), a woman is rendered stone (Kiri Piahana-Wong), birds are not beautiful but the 'inside of hunger' (Lana Faulks).

Poems are going up on the Tuesday Poem blog roll all day - especially as the northern hemisphere poets start posting. Who knows what turn they will take next. Click on the link, take a risk.

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