Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The Kite Runner - Into The Wild

During the past week I have been privileged to see two great movies both of which continue to haunt me as did the books when I first read them several years ago.

Both books have now been reissued with film tie-in covers, of course, and both are certain to enjoy a significant surge in sales as the movies open around the country.
Into The Wild is already screening and The Kite Runner opens Boxing Day.

THE KITE RUNNER – Khaled Hosseini – Bloomsbury $28

First published in 2003 this book, which went on to become a huge international best seller, is a story of fathers and sons, friendship & betrayal, and the casualties of fate.
Set in Afghanistan in the 1970’s and contemporary California this is a spectacular movie-adaptation with outstanding cinematography. I loved the kite scenes, and the impressive acting performances which made for a great evening’s entertainment even if my sleep that night was somewhat disturbed by some of the imagery.
If you haven’t read the book, is there anyone left on the world who hasn’t ?, then be sure to do so and then head along to the movie. Neither will disappoint.

INTO THE WILD - John Krakauer - Pan Books - $28

Whereas The Kite Runner is a work of fiction Into The Wild is the true, engaging and affecting story of Chris McCandless a young man, recently graduated from college, from a well-to-do family who hitchhiked to Alaska and walked into the wilderness. He had given his savings to charity, abandoned his car and all his possessions and even burned the money in his wallet. Four months later moose hunters found his body.
John Krakauer, author of the greatly acclaimed Into Thin Air, provided a haunting account of this young man’s life in his unputdownable book which Sean Penn has now turned into a heartbreaking film.

Like Timaru bookseller Jeff Grigor I normally avoid like the plague movies based on books which I have greatly enjoyed but in these two cases I have to say the movie makers have done the authors proud and if you have also enjoyed these two quite astonishing books then I suggest you will also enjoy the movies. But do be prepared to be deeply affected by them, haunted even.
Look out for these two films and those involved with them when the Oscar nominations are released next year.

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Mary Mac said...

Have you seen 'Conversations with my Gardener' Mr Beattie? A beautiful film. Slightly scmaltzy at the end but the dialogue throughout (and it's mostly dialogue) is acute and intelligent and funny. Loved it.