Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas
Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee
Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo
Feliz Navadad

Christmas greetings to all visitors to and all the best for 2008. Rather than send out cards we have made a donation to the Child Cancer Foundation.

Bookman Beattie is heading to New York today for a family Christmas in that great city. It is likely to be white Christmas which will add to the excitement.

I will be posting on my blog from time to time over the holiday season particularly about bookstores visited, books bought and news from the world of books.

One of the Christmas cards I always enjoy receiving each year is the one sent by the family operated Richards Literary Agency here in Auckland, NZ. They always have a great message.

Here is this year's message from them:

From your parents you learn love and laughter and how to put one foot before the other.
But when books are opened you discover you have wings.
May your Chistmas stocking be filled with good books.

And amen to that my friends at Richards Literary Agency.

Their card also incorporated a copy of the 2007 portrait that Barbara Richards painted of her husband, veteran book trade personality Ray Richards, which I am pleased to share with you.

It captures the essence of a man who has spent his entire working life in this industry, with great distinction. He is, for my money, the Father of the NZ book trade.

Merry Christmas Ray.


Vanda said...

A big Merry Christmas to you too Mr Bookman. Thank you for your dedication in bringing us reviews and snippets of literary news, foodie cook book things and of course, the opportunity to live vicariously through your travels. I have particularly enjoyed your reports on the delightful bookshops you discover around the world.
Thanks for being such a great champion of New Zealand literature and books.
Keep up the good work....please!

Bookman Beattie said...

Many thanks Vanda, I greatly appreciate your kind words. The feedback I get from readers of the blog makes all the effort well worthwhile.Standby now for reports from NYC!