Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Travel guide accused of supporting Burmese junta

MELBOURNE travel book publisher Lonely Planet is included in a "dirty list" of businesses accused of supporting the Burmese military regime.

The list, compiled by The Burma Campaign UK, says Lonely Planet "publishes a guide to Burma which encourages tourists to visit the country" and undermines "calls by Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma's democracy movement for tourists to stay away."

Lonely Planet publisher Simon Westcott told BusinessDay in an email that the company provides "objective information" for travellers and cautioned against travelling to Burma "at this time of heightened civil unrest".
"No one reading our guide could be in any doubt about our opinion of the current regime, which we describe as 'abominable'," Mr Westcott said.

Debbie Stothard, a co-ordinator of the Alternative ASEAN Network on Myanmar, a regional pro-democracy body, said the Burma Campaign UK list, which names 127 companies, was probably the most comprehensive collection of foreign companies involved in Burma.
Lonely Planet is joined by Australian travel company Peregrine Adventures and its associate, Gecko's Adventures.

Above from the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday, the day on which the sale od Lonely Planet was announced. See yeserday's blog for that story.

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