Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Magazine backtracks on Philip Larkin poem claim

Piece heralded by Times Literary Supplement as unpublished Larkin work is most likely by Hull poet Frank Redpath

Philip Larkin
Philip Larkin in 1984. The TLS has also taken down an accompanying essay. Photograph: Express/Getty Images
The Times Literary Supplement has removed from its website a poem that it claimed was an unpublished piece by Philip Larkin, after it emerged that it is most likely the work of a lesser-known Hull poet, Frank Redpath.

The TLS has also taken down an accompanying 1,600-word essay on what it portrayed as an exciting new discovery from one of Britain’s most revered 20th-century poets.
“New details have recently come to light. We’ll be publishing the full story later on this week,” the TLS told Buzzfeed, which first reported the blunder.

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