Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy book launch for Grumpy Old Men

The Grey Lynn Library Hall was packed with grumpy old men along with their families and friends last evening for what proved to be a rollicking good party with three excellent, humorous speeches from MC extraordinaire Kerre McIvor and book compilers Paul Little & Dorothy Vinicombe. And special mention must be made of the publisher's wife, Wendyl Nissen, who made an impressive array of truly beautiful club sandwiches to accompany the wine, beer and fruit juice being merrily consumed.

Among the contributors to Grumpy Old Men present at the launch I noticed :
Phil Gifford, Garth MCVicar, Peter Williams QC, Peter Leitch, Sir Ray Avery, David McPhail, Graham Brazier, Shane, Rick Bryant, Graeme Cairns, John Hawkesby, Bill Francis, John Barnett,Roger Hall, Pare Keiha,  Michael Horton, Pat Snedden, and Mike Hutcheson
Quite an impressive bunch of grumpy old men!

So what do the 47 grumpy old men  featured on this book have in common? They’re all irate about something, sounding off in Grumpy Old Men on alcohol, speed limits, education, jet-skis, nutritionists, pinot noir, small change, tee shirt labels and a whole lot of other things they’d like to shake a stick at in. Some contributions are serious and some light-hearted, some are trivial and some profound, but all are entertaining and many thought-provoking.

A bloody good read is how I would describe it. Well worth $35. I saw a pile of them at Time Out Books in Mt.Eden but apparently Paper Plus and many other bookstores also have it in stock. Might be a timely purchase for your own grumpy old man for Father's Day?

Signing books last evening, Michael Horton and Sir Peter Leitch, Dame Rosie Horton between them.

Below- Phil Gifford & John Hawkesby - neither look grumpy!

No fees being paid to the contributors – instead the royalties will be paid to the Prostrate Cancer Foundation – an appropriate charity .
Further Footnote:
The contribution I most related to was that from veteran broadcasting figure Bill Francis. It is called Shelf Life and in it he tells of his inability to fit all his books (he has been a lifetime collector/buyer) in his new downsized home. And the contribution I enjoyed most was that from poet Kevin Ireland (born in Auckland in 1933 and still calls it home. It is a pithy piece named With extensive view that runs to only 13 lines! Oh and I should mention hat southern poet David Eggleton's two and a bit page piece is in verse.
All 47 contributions are worth a read.

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