Monday, January 30, 2012

Five Hundred Buildings of New York

Five hundred glorious photographs showcase the finest, most majestic and most interesting examples of architecture in my most beloved city outside of New Zealand, New York. The book represents a photographic neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood tour of the city, capturing stately and historic buildings, monuments and engineering structures. Each building is showcased on it's own page in a rich and beautiful fine resolution monochrome photograph. The accompanying text identifies location and date of completion/renovation, the building's distinctive features and historical context.

Having just come back from almost a month in that great city how could I possibly leave this stunning door-stopper of a book on the shelf at the wonderful Matakana Village Bookshop? 
PS-I wonder how many photographs I own of the Flat Iron Building? Dozens!

Published by Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, NZ$50.

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Geoff Churchman said...

NYC is often thought of as canyons of glass boxes, but it has a lot of interesting old buildings from the pre-World War 2 era as well.