Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Two delightful new board books from Joy Cowley and Philip Webb

Freddy Bear and the BeaCH

Freddy Bear is off to the beach with Dad. He runs, he plays, he chases seagulls, the waves chase him. Then, oops, Freddy Bear has a little accident!

The Freddy Bear books are designed for reading aloud to children 6 months to 3 years. The main character, a little bear living with loving, supportive parents, approximates a 2–3 years old child. The stories relate to early stages of child development with experiential learning in a safe environment. The text is brought to life by the wonderful illustrations of award-winning illustrator Philip Webb, who is expert at depicting small nuances that can’t be described in words, and he does this with body language and detailed facial expressions.

Written by Joy Cowley
ISBN: 978-1-927262-56-6
Upstart Press
NZ RRP: $14.99
Format: Board Book, 148 x 190mm (landscape), colour throughout, 20 pages

FREddy Bear and the Green Peas

Freddy Bear wants peas for lunch, but there are none. He won’t eat corn, or beans, or tomato! What are Mother and Father Bear going to do…?

Written by Joy Cowley
Illustrated by Philip Webb

Upstart Press
ISBN: 978-1-927262-57-3
NZ RRP: $14.99
Format: Board Book, 148 x 190mm (landscape), colour throughout, 20 page

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