Tuesday, March 22, 2016

UBUD Writers & Readers Festival

Hi Friends,

With the Balinese new year now in full swing (and the ogoh-ogoh safely returned to their banjar for another year after Nyepi), the team has been knuckling down on preparations for this year's Ubud Writers & Readers Festival.

A pivotal part of this is the collation of the UWRF's bilingual Anthology series, which each year brings together the work of 15 emerging writers from across Indonesia. The beautiful hard-copy publication will be launched by the writers themselves at the 2016 festival, in collaboration with Bitread.

This year, we were overwhelmed with our largest number of submissions to date, with 894 aspiring writers from over 201 cities and 33 provinces sending us their stories. This is clear evidence that literature and the arts are flourishing in Indonesia, and we can't wait to see which pieces our independent curatorial board pick out for publication.

We're also proud to be collaborating with the Australasian Association of Writing Programs, in which an aspiring writer will receive accomodation and tickets for this year's festival, as well as $500 towards their airfares. Submissions close at the end of May, so be sure to get your creative juices flowing before then.

Lastly, don't forget to link with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where you can catch our popular podcast series, #Afterword, of stories from the stage at last year's festival.

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