Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Roundup with PW

Never Quit Reading and Writing: Leslie Epstein, director of the Creative Writing Program at B.U., offers advice on getting your story on paper.

British Sci-Fi Awards Announced: Aliette de Bodard picked up two British Science Fiction Association Awards for "startlingly original fiction."

Your New Favorite Bookshop: Libreria, a new bookshop in London, is banning mobile phones and tablets, offering patrons a "digital detox zone."

Amazon Prime Now Heads to Germany: The online retail giant is reportedly launching a two-hour delivery service in Berlin.

Writer Jim Harrison Dies: The author of 'Legends of the Fall' and more recently 'The Ancient Minstrel' died on Saturday. He was 78.

10 Shakespeare-Inspired Novel Titles: Just in time for the Bard's 400th birthday, check out a list of newer books with titles that tie back to him.

Hong Kong Book Publisher Returns Home: Three months after disappearing, Lee Bo returned to his home Thursday, and the Chinese government insists he was not kidnapped.

NRA Rewrites Fairy Tales with Guns: Both of the NRA's re-imagined fairy tales feature more guns and less violence.

J.K. Rowling Posts Rejection Letters: Offering hope to budding authors, the writer shared two rejection letters she received from publishers about 'The Cuckoo’s Calling.'

Patrick Bateman's Second Coming: Bret Easton Ellis’s 'American Psycho' was met with outrage in 1991, but today, the story is opening on Broadway.

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