Tuesday, March 22, 2016

James Patterson's BookShots for "People Who Don't Have Time to Read"

Publishers Lunch

James Patterson announced his newest project, BookShots, a line of books 150 pages or less that will be published by longtime publisher Little, Brown and sold for under $5 each, available in print, digital and audio formats. The NYT reports BookShots "would be aimed at readers who might not want to invest their time in a 300- or 400-page novel" and "might even appeal to people who do not normally read at all."

Little, Brown plans 21 Bookshots for 2016, starting in June with Patterson's Cross Kill, Zoo II, written by Patterson and Max DiLallo, and Chase, co-written with Michael Ledwidge. Additional mysteries, thrillers, and science fiction titles will be written by Patterson himself, or with co-writers (including Rob Hart, Brendan DuBois, and Derek Nikitas), while romance titles will be written by other authors and packaged as "James Patterson Presents." (On the first covers, however, the romance titles are called "James Patterson's BookShots Flames.")

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