Friday, March 25, 2016

Norma Kamali on Her New Book and Lifetime Achievement Award From the CFDA

By Diane Clehane 

I knew I was in trouble the minute I ordered my usual Diet Coke. “No, you’re not,” said Norma Kamali, who clearly did not approve of my beverage choice. She’d just asked for hot water with lemon to accompany her salmon. In fact, she was so horrified by its toxic presence on the table, it was banished from the photo taken to accompany this column. 
I guess I shouldn’t have been all that surprised since Norma and HarperCollins’ Lisa Sharkey joined me at Michael’s today to talk about the new book, Facing East: Ancient Health + Beauty Secrets for the Modern Age by Dr. Jingduan Yang written with the iconic fashion designer. “If you want to age, keep drinking that,” she told me. Where’s that hole in the floor? Since the 70-year-old designer doesn’t look a day over 45, I’m thinking that just might have been my last glass of soda for a while.

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