Thursday, March 03, 2016

The Roundup with PW

Jonathan Sacks Wins 2016 Templeton Prize
The rabbi and author is being recognized for a body of work that emphasize a respect for all faiths, and defends the compatibility of religion and science. »

What Is An 'Indie' Author?: The term indie author now applies to authors published at independent presses as well as self-published authors.

The Power of Pleasure Reading: A former book editor highlights the benefits of reading outside of work and just for fun.

Buy Used Books For A Good Cause: A San Francisco artist is selling books previously owned by celebrities and giving proceeds to Room to Read and more charities.

PEN Denounces Fatwa Against Rushdie: The defenders of free speech condemned the increased fatwa bounty on Salman Rushdie who wrote 'The Satanic Verses.'

10 Must-Reads for March: Get through March with this list of 10 books publishing throughout the month, including Dana Spiotta's 'Innocents and Others.'

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